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Elizabeth's Tailleur is the Middle East's most loved online destination for exclusive women's designer dresses. Shop for exclusive women's' designer dresses, jeans t-shirts, shirts, shoes, jewelry and accessories from Elizabeth's Tailleur. Discover the latest trends in high street fashion for retro and classic dresses in floral prints, pastels, solid colors and embossed designs for day dresses, evening dresses, party dresses, maxi dresses, play suits, jumpers and rompers, shorts, skirts, tops, tunics, jackets, coats, blazers, tuxedos and much more.

Our wide range of designer dresses inbandeaus, strapless, sleeveless,sequined, bodycons, one shoulders, cut outs, crops, skater dresses, shift dresses and long gowns is sure to set you make you look fab in a flash. Check out our off the runway exclusive looks for women dresses in elegant lace, sheer chiffon, rich satin and comfy cotton and blended fabrics.

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